Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two great freebie sites for you!

I'll keep this post short and sweet:

Check them out, sampleaday is a great sample site, that actually has some unique, but useful items. As well, the author definitely brings humor into the reading... and since I had some time to kill, I had a chuckly and enjoyed his little posts.

Lemontide has been the newly "old standby"... they are a cool site, and while I am not as active with their forum and overall site, I absolutely love their posts... 99% of their items are useful to me. So, I am relatively certain that I can say everyone will find something! :) As well, they have a drawing for gift cards, and again, I am not as active, but I have seen some great prizes, from a Wendys to McDonalds and Starbuck (methinks)

So, check these out!


Bloggers said...

thank you for sharing. I love freegrabber and I have my own freebie blog that is full of great freebies. my mail box is always full.

Jeff Beer said...

Thanks for the comment! Sorry this was very delayed... but I have been busy with my other blogs :)

Freegrabber rocks, and glad to see you have found it useful as well!

Flirt said...

cool site

Low self-esteem?

Anonymous said...

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